Robert and James Lyons

Brothers of William Lyons of Bunakill

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James (b. 1828) and Robert (b.1831) Both went to Australia c 1850. Shortly after arriving, James who married Suzanne Waters (originally from Clonfert) discovered a gold nugget worth £2000. This lucky strike enabled him to purchase a lot of land in the area of Euchereena NSW  where his descendants, Roley Lyons and members of the Clayton family still farm sheep. He died on 18th December in 1914 having had a total of ten children and, as a result of such a large family there are now a great number of his descendants in various parts of Australia.  Robert, (the one on the left in the photo of the two brothers) went on to New Zealand, fought in the Maori Wars in 1863 and lost the sight in one eye during a sandstorm. He married Margaret Spence with whom he had seven children, the numerous descendants of whom still live in New Zealand. He farmed on 200 acres of land in 1867 and died in died in 1908.

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  • Assisted passages to Australia – Galway to NS Wales and Queensland 1841. George Lyons, 28 years, Protestant, of Kilcummin travelled on the ship “William Jardine” accompanied by his sister Jane aged 23 years. Their parents were shown as “James and Jane xx”. Both deceased.

    By Jim Fahy (19/04/2013)

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