Pat Maloney - R.I.P. An Appreciation

Sunday March 23rd 2003, was a very sad day in Shrue, Oughterard, when one of the best known men in the three parishes, and my cousin, died suddenly.  He departed peacefully and as quietly as he had lived his life.  Yes, Pat Maloney, mechanic supreme, the quiet man of motor servicing, had gone to God. He died in the presence of his sister in law, Mary.  She and her children had been doing their usual chores for Uncle Pat as he mowed his lawn. Then he switched to doing a spot of painting, Sunday being the only day he had for doing such jobs.

Pat’s Final Moments

Having finished their jobs, Mary and the children went to see the frisky lambs frolicking in a nearby field. When he finished painting he went into his house and Mary followed to enquire if there were any more chores needing attention. She found him lying on the floor. She bent down to help him and found that he was unconscious. She rushed to his room for Holy Water and anointed him as best she could, then phoned the priest and doctor and went back to Pat. When she raised his head and shoulders off the ground she knew he was dead. Pat did have a heart condition for over two years, but seemed to be coping with the servicing work for the previous year.

Pat, a Decent man, Mechanic supreme.

Pat departed so quietly his relations have not yet come to accept his absence. His brother John Joe, who returned from the USA for his funeral, stayed on to service any cars needing attention at that time. I’m sure that customers, like myself, are now scratching their heads in bewilderment about where to turn for the expert service they were accustomed to from Pat.  He never refused anybody and worked early and very late to accommodate everyone. Senior citizens, I know, generally paid for the materials only, whenever… Pat was a decent man, an intelligent man, and well read.  He had a great sense of humor enjoyed the craic. He loved a good joke and could swap one just as easily. I suppose the craic helped him along in the monotony of his tedious work. He was easy going, gentle, thoughtful and above all very kind. He took an annual holiday in the USA with his two brothers living there, generally about six weeks – end of July, August, and returning in early September refreshed.

Large Numbers Pay their Respects.

His very large funeral was a tribute from his customers and all who were privileged to know him, for his expert service and friendliness. His dear mother predated him by 14months and no doubt they are together in Paradise and enjoying the craic there too. She had a great memory and quite a family historian – she must have known every family in the three parishes and beyond. I thoroughly enjoyed that gift of enlightenment of hers in my regular visits to Shrue. I’ll bet the pair if them are relaxing in Paradise and laughing over the disappearance of the usual queue of cars on Shrue boreen!

Funds Raised for Croi at the Funeral Home

At the request of the Maloney family, people paying their respects for Pat Maloney were asked to donate what they could to Croi instead of bringing flowers to the funeral home.

For the last few years Pat had a heart condition so his family thought it would be appropriate to have a Croi collection box at the removal.

The amount raised came to £1295. The Maloney family would like to thank everyone who donated to this worthy cause.


“Oughterard Newsletter” May 2003

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  • A fine tribute to Pat Maloney for his work for the local Community. May we also remember another Shrue native – Patrick Maloney(Molloney) who was baptised in Kilcummin on January 3rd 1895, son of Michael and Mary Holleran, who as a member of the 2nd Batt. Connaught Rangers was killed in action in France on November 1st 1914. Decoration: 1914 Star

    By Jim Fahy (11/11/2013)

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