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The Farrell family formally West Faugh and 10 camp street 1901/1911

By John Harris

My mother Eleanor Honoira Farrell was born in Oughterad in 1893 and lived with her brother Patrck and her parents Patrick Farell and Eleanor Farrell (nee Osborne) at two different address’s 1901 at 49 Faugh West and at 10 Camp street.
My Grandfather’s occupation was a boot/shoe maker the only one of this occupation I could find in the census for Oughterard. My mother (now  deceased) did talk about her life their and left during troubled times to work in London.
I wondered if there were any  records of this family and if and relatives from the Osborne side still live in the area.
My Grandparents died aged 65 around 1921/1922 (not sure of the exact date). I am well and truly retired now but would like to leave some record  to my Irish roots to my family which includes 7 Great Grand children of my Irish side of my ancestry.
I appreciate this period was a long time ago and not many if any can re-call the period. However as my grandfather was an artisan a( with a creative specialist trade there might be some be some record of him
I am also looking for publication which my cover the period 1893 to 1925 on the history of Oughterad.
I have just discovered this site and would like to thank the people who set it up it’s wonderful keep records of your heritage, in this day and age it’s unusual.

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  • Hi Kathy, I can’t give you much more info about Camp Street only that my mother was living there in the 1911 census. Most of the info certificates etc were destroyed in London during the Blitz the (this makes me ancient). Many years after my mother died I applied for a copy of my mother’s birth certificate to the Dublin Births and deaths registration office and until the 1901/1911 census lists were released on line that’s all the info I had. the 1901 census had her family at a different address which now ceases to exist and Camp street int he 1911 census. I can’t make the street numbers. I phoned the son of a second cousin who responded to my appeal on the Oughterad site who told me even now houses in Oughterad don’t display numbers Lol the postman has to have a good memory. The family must have lived in the cottages opposite the R.I.C station house (left of the photo) as my mothers brother uncle Patrick was recruited by them as a member. Anyway any further info about my grand parents have to be made through the local parish records I gave up after that, I was just fortunate that two photos of Camp street were posted on line. Anyway Kathy thanks for the query and wish you all the best. John Harris.

    By john harris (15/04/2014)
  • Hello John, It would appear we would have been neighbors way back when … my (My GGGrandfather) Thomas Faherty lived at #7 and (I believe) his Father??? Bartly lived at #6. Not sure if Thomas or Bartly are also related to Patrick living at #1 (but I’d love to find out!!). My Paternal Grandmother came from a LARGE family and there are “only” 12 children listed in 1911 so perhaps Patrick is yet another child of Thomas & Mary?? Only time will tell. Like you I think this site is absolutely wonderful … that explains why I’ve been on it for hours now and it’s 1AM here! I wish you the best of luck in your search. To all … I’d welcome any/all information about the area (1850 forward) and certainly any information on this branch of the Fahertys. Many Thanks for such a wonderful resource!

    By Katherine Delaney (06/04/2014)
  • That’s interesting Paul, my uncle, also Patrick Farrel, was a member of the R.I.C he lived opposite the station house in a cottage in Camp Street, and was obviously recruited as result as there was little else in work available in Oughterad other than farming. As far as I know the R.I.C. didn’t allow members to be stationed within there own areas where a conflict of interests could arise, he ended up in Manchester England. Because of those troubled times we never met, I lived in London with my mother who emigrated in 1909.

    By John Harris (03/02/2014)
  • For bravery, Thomas Browne my grandfather with another constable on 21 March 1911 awarded Society for the Protection of Life from Fire bronze medal for saving three members of the Finerty family and Annie Connelly from a fire at Camp Street, Oughterard.

    By Paul Browne (28/12/2013)
  • I would like to thank the Oughterad heritage site for publishing details of my enquiry about contacting any relative on my Grandmother’s side if the family [Eleanor Osborne] which yielded a positive result. I would like now, if it were possible, to find any surviving relative from my Grandfathers side of the family Patrick O.Farrell .the details of his address and trade in 1901 and 1911 is explained in my initial enquiry [top of this age] If it could be mentioned in the Oughterad News letter it would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,John Harris.

    By John Harris (25/03/2013)
  • By john harris (19/03/2013)
  • Hi John, its so hard with the farrrell – o’farrell thing, my gg grandfather is referred to as Mike o’ farrell on this website as he lived at the round house on the waterfall bridge, himself and his wife were the caretakers. I have not found any info on them in the 1901 census, but the 1911 one shows them living at 1 canrawer west in Oughterard with 2 their daughters Bridget and Maggie. Micheal and Bridget (delia) were born in 1847/8 and had daughters. Bridget also known as Delia (my grans mother) Ann and Margaret

    By carla ashdown (07/03/2013)
  • Just to add to what I’ve already said, both 1901 and 1911 census records show no record of a female of the Farrell family named Helena Honoria living in Galway which confirms what I already knew,, only Eleana Honoria. Just to make absolutely certain I sent away to the Irish registrar’s office for a photo copy of my mothers birth details giving them all the information on the census records and it came back as Helena Honoria as per the copy of the birth certificate issued on 1996, obviously an anomaly when her birth was registered. John Harris

    By John Harris (07/03/2013)
  • Thanks for the offer Mary no harm in trying John Harris

    By John Harris (26/02/2013)
  • HI Carla, Both my grand parents were 43 years of age in the 1901census my mother was 7 years and (born in 1893) her older brother also Patrick was 17 years. In the 1911 census her brother had left the household and was a member of the RIC probably married and stationed in another county. The family as far as I know moved to 10 Camp street Oughterad. I remember my mother describing the beautiful shoes that my grandfather made. In both of the census checks he was described as a boot maker on the birth certificate sent to me he was described as a shoe maker, a subtle difference, I would think that there is little or no difference between the trade description I did send for a copy birth certificate in 1996 but there was a slight discrepancy in my mothers name on the certificate they sent me which was: Helen Honoria Farrell. my mother was always called Leana which could be a shortened version of either Eleana or Helena. Some suggested it could have been an error in hearing and writing in the when the birth was registered. Thanks for replying John Harris. Lowestoft Suffolk

    By John Harris (20/02/2013)
  • Hi carla, Thanks for replying but I don’t think we are although if my grandfather had a brother(s) it’s possible. Both my grandparents passed on in the early twenties at 65 years of age and as far as I remember my mother didn’t mention any other relatives she only mentioned my grandfather Patrick, (shoemaker) and son, also Patrick my grandmother Nee Osborne and herself. In the many moves I made the original certificate was lost and I sent for a copy in 1996. when I asked for the copy the only information I had was my mother’s family names, month of birth and Galway, and submitted it to the Registrar’s Office in Dublin. They returned a copy but there was a slight discrepancy in the Name, which was Helena Honoria Farrell of Oughterad with the date born the 9th Aug 1893 which I remember was the date of her birthday. The 1901 and 1911 census returns have the family, the dates, and my grandfathers occupation exactly as they should be the only difference was O’Farrell and not Farrell although I was advised this error could have been made by the registrar or when asked their name just said Farrell . I’ve looked right through the census records for Farrell in Oughterad 1901/1911 and found only one described as a “boot maker” must have made shoes as well as boots. Regards…………J. Harris Lowestoft Suffolk England.

    By John Harris (20/02/2013)
  • I’m not sure if I duplicated a post (comment) as the first one I sent didn’t appear. If I did only post one. Thanks J.H.

    By John Harris (20/02/2013)
  • Hi John I dont know if we maybe connected. my ggg grandfather was Michael farrell he married catherine o’connor in oughterard in 1888, his father John Farrell was a shoemaker also according to his wedding certificate.

    By carla ashdown (19/02/2013)
  • With your permission John we will publish this article in the Oughterard Newsletter and hopefully we will get a response for you.

    By Mary Kyne (15/02/2013)

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