The D'Arcys of Kiltullagh, Porridgetown East, and Magheramore

Bob O'Connor

Attached is a Word document with Excel charts amplifying the following intro:

“The D’Arcys of Kiltullagh were prominent in County Galway from the 16th through the 19th centuries and may be the ancestors of modern-day D’Arcy/Darcy families who trace their roots back to 19th century Porridgetown East and Magheramore. The following is an attempt to identify the nature of the family’s origins and sort out members of the two local groups.”

My interest in the Darcy family derives from the fact that Ellen Darcy (1821-1901) of Magheramore is my paternal great-great-grandmother. She married John Logan. Their daughter, Margaret Logan (1841-1901), married my great-grandfather, John Connor (1834-1905). They reared their family of ten, including my grandfather, John, in Cloosh. John O’Connor emigrated to Boston in 1886 and there married Mary O’Connor (same name but different family), who emigrated from Killannin townland. My father was one of their seven children. I grew up in Boston and am now retired and living on the Gulf coast. I began researching my family in the mid-1980s. Since then, my family and I have been to the Oughterard area several times and have connected with extended family members there. Happy to expand on that if you wish.

Bob O’Connor


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  • My grandmother was Honor D’arcy of Maheramore, Her father was Stephen D’arcy (Tom) Her brothers Tom, Stephen and Redmond emigrated to Staffordshire, Andrew dies in Mahera 1910 his wife was also a D’arcy..all of his familly emigrated to Boston, Martin emigrated first to Staffordshire UK and then on to Boston.
    Honor D’arcy married James P Sullivan who was born in Staffordshire 1871 of emigrants from Oughterard, his mother was a Mary D’arcy from Mahera..his family returned to OUghterard in the 1880ies
    One of my uncles Stephen was in the Irish Guards in WW1 he married a Margaret O’Connor in London she was from Cloosh, they had a daughter Patricia born 1917, as the marriage did not last don’t know what happened to them.
    Another uncle Tom Sullivan married a Kitty O’Connor from Aughnanure, Oughterard. They had a daughter Noreen..they also passed away
    A work in progress

    By Nuala Nolan (23/04/2023)
  • You may like to share this information with Adrian Martyn, historian of The Tribes of Galway, and look at the Dorsey/Darcy DNA project online. The DNA tests are probably the best way to clarify the lineage of the Darcys, and more participants are invited.
    Julie D’Arcy

    By Julie darcy (08/05/2022)

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