Walsh's of Oughterard

My Family in Camp st

By Dennis Walsh

John (Sean Guy) Walsh

My name is Dennis Walsh, I live in Sydney Australia

My Father David Walsh, was born in Camp St.

The shop still stands in the main street.

My Grandparents were John (Sean Guy) Walsh and Ellen Walsh ( née Brandley) Sean Guy worked on Lough Corrib as a “Bailiff” after running a shop in the Main street of Oughterard which he lost after the crop in the area failed, I am told he continued to supply his customers with goods after the crop failure and of course he ran out of money, the shop still stands in the main street.
My father grew up in Camp St, along with his brothers and sisters:
Sarah Ann Healy (née Walsh ) Paud, Johnny, Michael (Died aged 12), Peggy (Died aged 15) Mary, and Peter.
Sarah Anne, Peter and Mary still visit Oughterard from time to time.
My first cousin Mick Healy has the shop near the bridge on the way out of town.
I am also related to the O’Toole family, Michael and Kevin well known to the people of the town.

My Great Grandparents

My Family roots are deep in the area, My Great Grandparents were David (b 1846) and Sarah Walsh (b 1855) lived in Finnaun, Killannin, working as herders. They had 5 children, John (Sean Guy ,b 1870) Thomas (b 1879) Mary (b 1880) Peter (b 1882) and Maria (b 1884).I am told that some of the children immigrated to Boston but I am unable to confirm this or find out anything else about the family.

I have visited Oughterard twice, the last time being in June 2010, and will be back as soon as I can. I am posting a picture of Sean Guy. My Father David is already in the photo of “The Mayfly Market”.
I am very proud of my Irish heritage and would appreciate any information regarding the family anyone has.

I hope to be able to keep contributing to this website .

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  • Dawn,
    It would be helpful to your query if you gave some information on “Kate Healy” and who her family were.

    By Jim Fahy (19/11/2021)
  • jean mckenna o’hare
    Please contact me : denniswalsh0201@gmail.com
    Regarding your connection to the Walsh family in Oughterard
    Dennis Walsh

    By Dennis Walsh (18/11/2021)
  • I’m looking for anyone related to kate healy she married micheal walsh from roscrea Michaels mum was sarah walsh kate and micheal had Thomas walsh micheal walsh junior sarah and another child I’m looking to find any information on Thomas there son I know they lived in roscrea thomas married kitty kavangh from railway view 18 they had 3 daughters marie Elizabeth my mum she was born in thurles and kathleen marie married jack molloy and they lived in the lodge ballegan birr co offaly I’m also related to mary brophy from 1 bunkers hill roscrea any info on my grandad Thomas walsh would fill the gap I’m needing I know 3 other children were born but not kittys children something happened dont know what and that’s where my research is stuck any relations out there know anything please contact me

    By Dawn nunn (14/11/2021)
  • Regarding Annie A Walsh (Nee Wright),

    You will need to provide some further information.
    Was her name Wright or Walsh and who were her parents. If you have a copy of her marriage or death record it may show their names.

    The surname “Walsh” is very common in the Oughterard area.

    You may find a record of her birth in Oughterard on the Free Site – http://www.irishgenealogy.ie provided she was born after January 1st 1864. Kilcummin parish records are from 1809 with a gap 1821 – 1827. Those records can be found on catholicparishregisters@nli.ie – National Library

    Best Wishes,

    By Jim Fahy (17/10/2021)
  • I live in Massachusetts. My Great-Grandmother is Annie A Walsh (nee Wright) born June 30th, 1869 in or around Clooshgereen, Oughterard, Galway. Looking for a birth or baptismal credit or a clue to find it.

    By TJ (07/10/2021)
  • Done an Ancestry DNA test and it points me to Galway and Loch Corib. I have Patrick Roche marrying Bridget Walsh in Glasgow 1865.Patricks born Kilcummin 1837, his sister Bridget Roche marries Thomas Ryan in Glasgow also, parents are Michael and Helen McDonough. Bridgets parents are Patrick Walsh and Mary Walsh. Living alongside Patrick Walsh is his brothers John Walsh and Nappy Walsh. DNA matches include names Conneelly, Joyce and Callaghans.

    By Raymie Gordon (05/12/2020)
  • Hello, My grandmother was Catherine Brannelly Cunniff. Her sister was Ellen Brannelly from Cregmore. Ellen married a Walsh. Catherine and her sister Mary came to the USA into Boston approximately 1900. Both women settled in Watertown/Belmont.
    Approximately 20 years ago, my sister Loise and I went to Ireland and did visit Oughtarard. Unfortunately Lois passed away 15 years ago. When we were in Oughtarard we went to a small grocery store that was owned by members of the Walsh family. We learned at that time that there were family members who lived in New York by the name of Walsh. This same family also had a summer home in Biddeford where Lois lived.
    We were told by a local person that Ellen and her husband and kids lived right outside the town square in what I would call a rowhouse.

    By jean mckenna o'hare (16/09/2020)
  • Hi I put in John Walsh Oughterard in a google search and came across you.my John was born 30 June 1839 he married. he married Bridget 1869 in Bathgate Scotland
    as far as the family stories go he came from Oughterard to Scotland, is this any connection to your Walsh,

    By Sandra Stewart (24/07/2018)
  • This might be a long shot. My Grandmothet was Bridget Walsh…She came over at age 16…Would have been about 1921-22 she was #5 of 8 children John Walsh and Mary were the parents…Mary, Nora, John, Pat, Bridget (my grandmother),Matin, Maggie and Tom…I dont have a lot of info but They lived at House 25 Camus Eighter…I have found the census but I cant find anything else…She ended up Marrying at settling in the Boston Area…Her sister Mary also was in the area…And I remember her Brother John and her speaking in Irish as a child. She passed in 1989…I’m looking for any info on the Family…When I was young she would tell me about her thatch roof home…And I have thought about visiting…If I could find them or at least the house…It would make the visit…more
    Anyways…Any help is appreciated

    By Danny (05/07/2018)
  • Hi, My Great Grandfather, Peter Walsh (b.1895), was from Oughterard, and immigrated to Chicago in the US in 1925. We had thought that all of his siblings immigrated to England. I don’t have any contact information for family still in Ireland. Is it possible that my Great Grandfather was related to your family in Oughterard? We are coming to Ireland next month and would love to visit while we are there.

    By Karen Howard (11/05/2018)
  • Hi all my name is Chris Thain, Mary’s second son and came across this page when clearing some of her memorabilia as she passed away last year.
    I went to Oughterard with Mum about 8 years ago but it was only a flying visit and never had an opportunity to look up family
    I remember as a child visiting auntie Sarah in Birmingham so have met all her children, — I think !
    It would be great to hear from anybody as I’m sure at some stage in the near future world travel will be a possibility as retirement is on the horizon
    My email is boxercassie@gmail.com

    By Christopher Thain (25/08/2017)
  • Hello Kouy Smith, can you please contact me on denniswalsh0201@gmail.com
    I have some interesting things for you

    By Dennis Walsh (25/06/2016)
  • Hi,
    My name is Kouy. I live in Reading England. My great uncle is Peter Walsh, who funnily enough told me to google John Walsh so I could read about what he did and u stumbles across this. My Uncle Pete is a lovely man and up until a few years ago still travelled to visit Ireland with his sister Mary. Unfortunately due to health and age my uncle Pete is no longer able to travel. my uncle Pete married my auntie Dorothy Hawkins who has just sadly passes away. They were very much in love and were a pleasure to be around.
    Kind Regards
    Kouy Smith

    By Kouy Smith (26/04/2016)
  • Sarah Walsh who married David Walsh, was my Gt Gt Grand Aunt (a sister of my Gt Gt Grandfather). She came from the village of Muckanaghkillew. She and David married 25 Oct 1866 at Camus Chapel. I’ve reached out to Dennis Walsh who started this page — I have lots of info on the family, and would love to connect.

    By Susan Toulson (23/03/2016)
  • Hello Marybeth, I am sorry for not contacting you sooner ,I have just seen your post. That is amazing my Father David Walsh always told me he had family in Boston Can you contact me, denniswalsg0201@gmail. I have some rather interesting news for you. Regards Dennis

    By Dennis Walsh (14/12/2013)
  • Hello Dennis, My father, Tom McDonagh just returned from a visit home to Oughterard where Tom Walsh in Oughwell gave him a copy of your post. Sean Guy’s first cousin is my father’s mother, Margaret Walsh of Oughwell. We live in Boston and Dave Walsh and Michael Walsh of Raha also live in Boston. They are also cousins, related to his mother, Margaret. My father came to Boston in 1954. His sisters Mary and Bridget also live in Boston. Please let us know if you are ever in the area! We would love to get to Australia some day. My mother also has family in Perth. My father is 83, so Oughterard is about as far as he goes! Best, MaryBeth McDonagh Davidson for Doreen and Tom McDonagh

    By Marybeth Davidson (28/11/2013)
  • Thanks to this website I have found my lost relatives in America. The picture of John Walsh I posted was seen by the Walsh family in the US, they contacted me to tell me they have the same photo,whom they thought was Patrick David Walsh (John’s Older brother) the American link. We are not sure if the photo is John or Patrick at this stage. Many thanks to the Oughterard Heritage website

    By Dennis Walsh (07/09/2013)
  • Hi all i’m kieran (christina’s cousin). My father is james healy the eldest of sarah healys sons. I also live in birmingham england. I havent been over to oughterard for a good few years but hopefully will go later on in the year. I think that there are some family in america however mine and christinas parents would have a better idea. It good to hear from you and its a small world christina lol

    By Kieran Healy (10/03/2012)
  • Hello Christina, Can you email me on: denniswalsh0201@gmail.com Regards Dennis

    By Dennis walsh (06/03/2012)
  • hello, Im christina Healy, My father is Matthew Healy, son of Sarah Healy who sadly passed away in november, currently living in Birmingham England I came across your pictures and messages on the Oughterard Calender sent over by my uncle Micky (michael Healy) who owns the shop in Bridge street, My father would love to hear from some of you

    By Christina Healy (26/02/2012)
  • Hi Lisa, I am sorry for your loss. This shop looks like it has a lot of history, I have met Mattie both times I have been to Oughterard. Mick just lost his Mum Sarah Anne aged 95. I guess we are related. Good health to you.

    By Dennis Walsh (31/01/2012)
  • Hi the shop that mike Healy has was originally my great grandparents shop and then my great uncle Matthew Healy had this shop which mike now has mike is my dads cousin my dad who is the late Kevin McCarthy who sadly has just passed away a week ago I spent many years in this shop as a child serving in the shop with uncle Mattie who I adored I also am proud of my Irish back ground and will b in the very near future be visiting oughterard to bring my dads ashes back home where he belongs

    By Lisa stott was mccarthy (22/12/2011)
  • Hi was reading the above your cousin mike Healy was my late fathers kevin mccarthy’s cousin too and the shop he has was previously owned and ran by one of my favorite uncles Matty (Matthew) Healy mikes dads brother patricks son I used to serve behind that shop as a kid for years last visited oughterard back in 2006 it seems such a long time ago .

    By Lisa Stott was McCarthy (21/12/2011)
  • Well written dad! Very interesting information here – I didn’t even know about the shop!

    By Rebecca Walsh (11/04/2011)

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