My Childhood Friends

Oughterard Newsletter March 2012

Michael O'Connor

Come take my hand my childhood friend, and we will walk awhile,

I know that we have lots to say, that will give us lots of smiles,

The happy days when we were young, when the sky was blue not grey.

When all we thought about was fun, which came in different ways.


We loved the fishing from the shore, on our own sweet Ross Lake,

We’d fish for perch, for pike and roach, the excitement it was great,

We’d often go birdnesting too, around the Creggs all day,

And maybe hunt for rabbits, before we’d have the tay.


And some years later on Sunday nights we’d cycle to the dance,

And maybe find a colleen and the beginning of romance,

We often went to a midweek film, which we all longed to see.

The twas back to spade and shovel then, before the weekend Spree.


Well things they are so different now, since we have all grown up,

The lure of wealth and property, has destroyed our perfect earth,

But I hope and pray we’ll appreciate, the gifts that we possess,

Our health, peace and happiness and freedom from all stress.


So farewell to our beloved past of innocence and bliss,

We miss that period in our lives, when we were shy to kiss.

But I’m glad that we love nature still in our old fashioned way,

As we proudly face the future, and our destiny some day.


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