Memories of Christmas

Oughterard Newsletter December 2011

Michael O'Connor

Pattie and Mick O'Connor from Killannin, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 8th October 2011

Christmas is a special time, a time of joy and glee,

A time to think of long lost friends, wherever they may be,

They may be our relations, who have travelled o’er the sea,

Or maybe they’re our schooltime friends, wonderful to see.


It is a time of merriment, a time for games and mirth,

With children relishing Christmas games around the open hearth,

The Christmas Tree it is prepared with all its ‘flashy’ lights,

And completed with a star on top, to everyone’s delight.


It’s distribution time at last, the children gather round,

Hoping for the gift desired, not a whisper or a sound,

The wrappings are burst open, the cheer it splits the air,

As the contents are revealed at  last, satisfaction everywhere.


Together with the ‘trappings’, the reason for it all,

It is Our Saviour’s birthday, he willed it for us all,

To be born in a stable, there was no room in the Inn,

‘Twas planned above to pardon us and forgive our every sin.


So on bended knees we welcome you, Lord Jesus Most Divine,

Come to our humble homes tonight, on us your face to shine,

And as you see our footprints on the roadway that we’ve trod,

Your presence will sustain us all in the company of God.


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  • Pattie and Mick looking good. 

    By Thomas Monahan Sr. (24/04/2014)

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