Blacksod Bay Assisted Emigration Of 1800'S

This website [CLICK HERE] is dedicated to the memory of the people of North West Mayo who emigrated to Canada and the United States in the years 1883-84 assisted by “The Tuke Fund”.

“The Tuke Fund” was named after James Hack Tuke, a Quaker who spent over 60 years of his life striving to eradicate poverty and deprivation in the West of Ireland.

Entire families left their homes, with over 3,300 people from of North West Mayo emigrating to Boston and Québec from of Blacksod Bay on ships of the “Allan Line”.

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  • People from Oughterard were actually included in the assisted passage schemes to USA after the paticularly bad year of 1880….Tuke’s schemes were well planned and prepared. The ships picked up people in Blacksod and Galway…c.1893. In the long run politicians like Parnell and Davitt didn’t approve of the emigration schemes and efforts to help people switched to improving their situation at home…so the CDB was set up and Tuke was on the board.

    By Catherine Jennings (18/05/2022)

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