A German's View Of Oughterard 1998


When I arrived in Ireland the first time, the ‘Celtic Tiger’ just wake up after a long time sleep. Computers, foreign languages and stress were not terms of the everyday life and in case it was necessary, trains will be stopped fpr the people in case not everybody gets a ticket, when the office was too late opened. What changed? Is money the only answer and magical word? Or is it a new kind of virus, which infected the world?

Irish hospitality

Germany is with its worse getting economy an example for that change. “Mobbing”, “Outburn” are not German terms, but they are now very common in Germany. Is “mobbing” a new psycho-terror of the management or the colleagues so is the “outburn” an over-stressed person so they forget the old worth of friendship, honesty back to nature and love of children. Perhaps it explains, why so many German tourists are coming every year – missing so much in their cold business world of the Irish hospitality, they’re enjoying a short time a new life.

The pubs in Germany are booming, a pint in the cosy nice pub atmosphere gives them new energy. And so are the reasons to come to Ireland and so individuell as the people itself.

 The nice talks in the shops

Oughterard has a nice feeling: friendly people with that great hospitality. And in any case they help you: the landlord is looking after your house, Francis is holding my German Newspaper for me or the service in the petrol station, the nice talks in the shops or by a nice good cup of coffee with cream. Every minute in Oughterard is a good reason to stay in Ireland.

But it is not only the tiredness of the German economic life what brings European citizens to Oughterard, the interests in the other languages is the keyword for the good economic structure in this town. Open mind and realistic view for the new European Market are a big influence. Age doesn’t matter in that case, cause only the interest counts to open the mind for new inspiration.

 The German are kind of spoilt

And I’m sure that the old roots of the Celts would be not destroyed by the influence of the modern business life. So we are again by the question, if money is the only reason why a whole society can change? Perhaps yes, but in Ireland? The German are kind of spoilt children, who has two cars or video recorder is not “IN”.  A couple with a dog gets easier with a flat than somebody with 3 children! You think I’m dreaming – of course not. This is sadly true. Now you see Ireland with its love for nature and children. Everywhere!

Sorry, but Dublin is there a different answer to it? The only bad experience with unfriendly people on this island I’ve done in Dublin. £40 for unfriendly B&B, dirty bathroom inclusive, unprofessional business people with every kind of trick to scrooge you with money… I thought I was on a different planet, but not in Ireland. Typical perhaps for a great city.

Friendliest experience

I met at this B&B a nice couple from Austria, who said they had the friendliest experience in Connemara. What kind of “visiting card” they’ve got in Dublin?  But they still say, the nicest people are living in Ireland.

You can see how contraire could be the experience in Ireland! But it still helps me not by my important question, if the “Devil Money” will change Ireland in the way it changed Germany? Perhaps somebody else know a response on that ?  Please help me?!!!

Saskia Scholze, Journalist and Translator.

Note: In the light of what has happened in the past few years this article written for the “Oughterard Newsletter” 1998 asks the question

“ Will the “Devil Money” change Ireland?” Would anyone care to respond?





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  • sehr interessant..habe dieses jahr eine ausstellung in OUGHTERARD…vielleicht einmal melden..

    By dr.nicholas von kerckhoff (13/05/2023)

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