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Let's Get Back to Basics

Poverty almost immediately suggests social exclusion but it need not be like that at all. There are many types of poverty, but I will mention here only one in particular which many people experience as a direct result of the recent recession, i.e. being really hard up financially through loss of employment or whatever the individual circumstances might be.

We feel very uncomfortable, embarrassed and can easily drift into depression as our way of life has changed so drastically and there seems to be no way to feel like a worthy citizen in the foreseeable future.

But, if we can cast our minds back into the past, it is not so long ago, that most families experience financial hardship, they had large families to feed, clothe and educate – but at these times there was no social exclusion, I doubt whether the average citizen ever thought in these terms. Families and neighbours needed one another and helped and visited one another. Let us get back to basics. The most precious thing we have to give is our time. We can start by visiting a person who is worse off than we are, they might be elderly and have children long gone, they might be bereaved, whether rich or poor we all hurt somewhere and would appreciate that somebody calls for a chat and friendships develop from those first tentative steps. Everyone is needed and precious – have the courage to make that first move. You’ll find that you will walk away uplifted and greatly encouraged to believe in yourself which gives you the energy to start looking at all the possibilities open to you regarding gainful employment as well.


Life is worth living!

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