Selection of Old photos of the Kinneavy/Gannon Families Camp Street

Mary J Lydon

Marcella Gannon & Paddy Kinneavy 1940's
Pat Gannon (Marcella's brother)
Marcella & Kathleen Gannon 1940's
Marcella & Kathleen Gannon 1940's
Kathleen & Marcella Gannon 1940's
Marcella Gannon & Paddy Kinneavy 1940's
Marcella Gannon 1940's
Marcella Gannon
Marcella Gannon (dressed as a Nun)
Gerard, Stephen & Mary Kinneavy with their Aunt Kathleen Gannon (late 1950's)
Marcella, Bill & Kathleen Gannon with their mother Julia Gannon (née Carr)
Gerard Kinneavy with model yacht made by his father Paddy 1950/1951
Mary & Gerard Kinneavy with their father Paddy 1950's
Marcella Gannon & Paddy Kinneavy (late 1930's/early 40's)
Marcella Gannon & Paddy Kinneavy 1940's
Martin & Mary Kinneavy 1960's
Postman Stephen Gannon (Marcella's Father)
Fr Martin Kinneavy, with Marcella & Paddy Kinneavy (right) with their family and Jack Kinneavy (beside Paddy) on Inchagoill (1962)
Gerard his aunt Kathleen Gannon (Marcella's sister) Marcella, Martin, Mary & Stephen Kinneavy (1960's
Kathleen Gannon, Annie O'Connor, Mrs. Molloy(Tommy 's Mother, Glann), Delia Lambert and Marcella Kinneavy on an outing to Lough Key Forest Park in the very early 1980's.

Many thanks to Mary Kinneavy Lydon for sending in these wonderful photos to be enjoyed by people both here in Oughterard, around Ireland and the world.

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  • My father was Michael Keneavy, from Billamore. Met Marcella with my cousin, Nancy Cannon years ago.
    First cousin is Paul Stewart from town.

    By Betty Keneavy Nipoti (01/08/2021)

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