Passenger lists associated with ships carrying Tuke Emigrants to America

Michael Carlson

Passenger lists associated with ships carrying Tuke Emigrants to America [See Note at end of list]
DepartureArrivalPortShipPassenger List URL
28 Apr 188210 May 1882BostonAustrian
5 May 188217 May 1882QuebecLake Nepigon
19 May 188229 May 1882QuebecLake Winnipeg
23 Mar 18834 Apr 1883BostonPhoenician
31 Mar 188315 Apr 1883BostonNestorian
14 Apr 188328 Apr 1883BostonCanadian
21 Apr 18832 May 1883BostonAustrian
22 Apr 18833 May 1883QuebecScandinavian
28 Apr 188311 May 1883BostonPhoenician
28 Apr 188310 May 1883QuebecBuenos Aryan
5 May 188318 May 1883QuebecManitoban
12 May 188323 May 1883BostonPrussian
21 May 18831 Jun 1883QuebecCanadian
26 May 18837 June 1883BostonAustrian
2 Jun 188313 Jun 1883BostonPhoenician
3 Jun 188312 Jun 1883QuebecGrecian
9 Jun 188319 Jun 1883BostonScandinavian
16 Jun 188326 Jun 1883BostonPrussian
16 Jun 188327 Jun 1883QuebecManitoban
23 Jun 18834 Jul 1883BostonWaldesian
23 Jun 18833 Jul 1883QuebecLake Winnipeg
29 Mar 18849 Apr 1884BostonGrecian
14 Apr 188424 Apr 1884BostonCanadian
25 Apr 18856 May 1884BostonPrussian
3 May 188415 May 1884BostonPhoenician
10 May 188422 May 1884BostonScandinavian
24 May 18843 Jun 1884BostonCanadian
13 Jun 188424 Jun 1884BostonManitoban
The list may of may not be a full and comprehensive list of sailings that carried Tuke emigrants.
A URL directs user to the first page of the passenger list.
Sailings to Quebec have two URLs: link to the lists hosted by the Library and Archives Canada. Since they are somewhat difficult to use (but free of charge),
I also included a link to the same lists hosted by Ancestry, which of course is a pay site.

Access to is FREE but you need to register to access.


Many Thanks to Michael Carlson for compiling this listing

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