Peacock's Hotel Maam Cross c.1890

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  • The photograph shows Peacockes as I remember it in the 1950s.That building which replaced an earlier one destroyed by fire in 1911, was built by my grandfather, Thomas Henry Lyons, between 1913 and 1914. I have a number of documents relating to that building project including a letter from T.T.Hamilton, Architect & Surveyor of College Road Galway, dated 1st x October 1913, which sets out instructions as to how the window and door of the Post Office is to be constructed. The person seated is Miss Elizabeth Peacocke who was then the proprietor and standing to the left, is Bridie Burke who worked as a maid in the hotel. Presumably, the person to the right is a guest at the hotel as she appears to have a suitcase. Elizabeth Peacocke died in 1960 with her burial taking place in the family plot in Oughterard on on 24th December 1960. The photograph , which was reproduced as a postcard, is therefore likely to have been taken in the mid 1950s.The original thatched building at Maam Cross, eknown as Butler’s Lodge, had also been destroyed by fire around 1839 and this explains the name ‘ An Teach Doite’ which was used locally following that event.

    By Leslie Lyons (23/04/2021)

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