John and Maura Gill, Camp Street

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  • Helen,
    What Line are you researching?
    Subscription Site has a number of “John Gill” marriages in Kilcummin:
    John Gill marriage to Bridget Fahy April 30th 1832
    John Gill marriage to Bridget Mary “Melby” (Welby) March 19th 1843. Witnesses: Martin McDonough and Hon Maxwell
    John Gill marriage to Sarah Shonassy (Shaughnessy?) September 21st 1845

    There is baptism record for a Patrick Gill with the father John Gill and Mother Mary Mealy – June 3rd 1854.
    Sponsors: John Mealy and Margaret Gavin.

    By Jim Fahy (16/04/2024)
  • Helen,
    Please see the Irish Census for 1901 and 1911.
    An Honor Gill, daughter of John Gill, Eighterard married a Peter Fahy of Lemonfield on January 16th 1905.
    You may find descendants in the townland of Cregg.

    By Jim Fahy (15/04/2024)
  • Helen
    There is a restriction on the years in which Births, Marriages and Deaths are published online.
    You will need to contact the Secretary, Kilcummin Parish, Oughterard, Co. Galway for the baptism records.
    Subscription Site has a partial record of a Mary J. Gill for the 1st quarter of 1948.
    Her mother is recorded as “Walsh”, Her father’s name is not recorded.

    By Jim Fahy (15/04/2024)
  • Thank you all for your very kind help. But …! Another request: I have quite few John Gills, often father & sons, so finding their wider family is important in separating all the Johns. And mine invariably marry a Mary which makes it even harder (esp without their maiden names). Eighterard is so small that I think every Gill I find is an ancestor! Can anyone add any more context to help me sort out my conundrum in relation to the lovely photo above.

    By Helen Mulholland (14/04/2024)
  • Thank you. But … I cannot find a Gill born from 1946 onwards, so can’t find Maura (Mary?) or John Gill as the children of John Gill and Agnes Walsh.

    I can find a Michael Gill, born 1919, likely brother of John at his 1946 wedding , and Mary Gill (Maura?) born 1917, all siblings of John in the photo; at irishgeneology etc.

    Any idea where I am going wrong?

    By Helen Mulholland (05/04/2024)
  • Civil Records for Oughterard, County Galway have a John Gill of Eighterard and Agnes Walsh of Magherabeg having married in Oughterard on January 31st 1946.
    Father’s Names: John Gill and Patrick Walsh.
    Witnesses: Michael Gill and Agnes Walsh.

    By Jim Fahy (05/04/2024)
  • Does anyone know their parents names please? I would be made up to know. Regards.

    By Helen Mulholland (02/04/2024)
  • John Gill & Agnes Walsh

    By Antoinette Lydon (04/04/2024)

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