Fr. Colman King

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  • I have a photograph of Fr. Colman King standing beside an unidentified U.S. soldier in Kellogg, Idaho, shortly after WWII – or perhaps the soldier was on leave during the war.

    If you’d like the photo posted to his web page, please contact me.

    By Francie Lane (17/02/2021)
  • I only met Fr. Colman King once in 1949 or 1950, when I was about 4 years old. My grandparents took me to a
    special commemorative Mass being officiated by Fr. King at the old Cataldo Mission. My family was not Catholic, but had wanted to visit the Cataldo Mission. After Mass, Fr. Colman King greeted my grandparents;
    then he told me to open my hand and placed a shiny quarter in it. After all these years, I still remember how
    impressive and kindly he was.

    By Francie Lane (21/03/2018)
  • Many Thanks Tim,
    The Oughterard Heritage Group would love to hear about your time in Glann with Fr. King.

    By Antoinette Lydon (20/03/2017)
  • Father Colman was a beloved priest. His name, hovever, is without an “e” as it is commonly listed. Colman built a school and a convent and served for many, many years as a missionary in the State of Idaho, USA. I was one of his altar boys; my one son is named after him. I visited him for 6 weeks in Glann in 1972. I know his early history and his contributions as a priest–a remarkable, wonderful man!

    By Tim O'Reilly (16/03/2017)

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