The Connemara Bus

Oughterard Newsletter June 2012 - Submitted by Matt Molloy

It passes each day down the village street,

Is there any chance of a vacant seat?

There might be now – take the weight of  your feet on the Connemara Bus.

You’ll get to Galway what’ere befalls,

Driving along by the low stone walls;

The women all wearing their bright woolly shawls on the Connemara Bus.

The journey would surely be worth your while;

The yarns and Gaelic would make you smile;

The women discussing the latest style on   the Connemara Bus.

Now baskets of eggs will be perched on   the rack,

You’ll hear the ducks as they quack, quack, quack,

Their yellow beaks sticking out of the sack on the Connemara Bus.

You would certainly know it was market   day,

The chickens cheeping all the way.

We talk about prices as we sway on the  Connemara Bus.

To the city of Galway it goes once a week;

It’s a great excursion so to speak,

With laughing women all rosy of cheek on  the Connemara Bus.

To all newcomers we smile and we nod;

Be careful there of that fishing rod

It’s a grand soft day, so thanks be to God for the Connemara Bus.


This song used to be sung by Dingoe on his radio show ‘Take the Floor’ in the 1960s.


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